CMS all you need in Call Center Service

The CMS team has an accumulated experience of more than 12 years in the Contact Centre and Operations Call Centre industry. We have seen the diverse needs of our clients, both small call centres (2-3 agents) and Call Centres with more than 30 agents. Whether it be small, medium or large sized call centre, customers will have the same needs, environment and business models that are appropriate to meet the needs of executives, IT users and IT staff are important. We know this and we care.

CMS can act as a consultant for you. We will take into account the needs and benefits that you will receive. We can offer a variety of solutions and services, whether it be small or large.

  • Cloud Call Centre: Rent a system on Cloud and pay monthly bills.
  • Outsourcing Call Centre: Providing customer-driven service at CTC LOGIC's place of payment.
  • Consulting Solutions: Focus on the training of personnel to develop services to the customer's organization.
  • System Rental: Rent Call Centre System: Install the system at the customer's location. Pay monthly
  • On Premise Solutions: Call Centre Sales: Install the system at the customer's location. Pay once

We are confident to provide the best solutions to our customers with a sustainable and continuous service.


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