CMS provides call center rental service, which can be installed on customer's premises and is charged monthly. Considerations for choosing this solution are as follows:

  1. You do not want to buy a system.
  2. You have no ample IT knowledge.
  3. Your location/ facility and staff are ready.
  4. Call center operation processes are ready.
  5. You need a call center system in which you can monitor employees work.
  6. You need a call center that can handle incoming calls at the same time.


  1. Study customer’s call center needs and requirements
  2. Design the system that best fit the customer’s needs
  3. System preparation
  4. Consultation on the preparation of the customer’s premises
  5. System setup
  6. Training
  7. After sales service (there is a system administrator throughout the lease)
  8. Pay monthly fee for maintenance

Hot Line : 085 108 5588