CTC Managed Services Co., Ltd. under the Business logo CMS is solely owned and subsidiary of Createlcom Co., Ltd., located at 1858 / 31-32 Floor 8, Interlink Tower, Bangna-Trad Road, Kwang Bangna, Khet Bangna, Bangkok 10260 Thailand. Createlcom Co., Ltd. has a team of experienced experts in the field of BUSINESS TELECOMMUNICATIONS that have expertise in system design, system installation and after sales service. We do realize that Telephony management is one core element that is important in every business. There is a need for a contact center in every business/ company as it can be the hub for information services, complain management, and a competitive marketing strategy. In response to the TOTAL SOLUTIONS, the management team has set up CTC Management Services to fulfill your company call center needs. Our management team is confident and ready to partner with our clients to develop your business and to achieve your goals.
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CMS provides a complete Outsourcing Call Center service solution where customers define their needs and objectives of their Call Center. CMS has a team of experienced Call Center management professionals. Regardless of your call center size, CMS is willing to provide full service.


  1. Tele Survey
  2. Tele PR
  3. Call for Lead Generations
  4. Inbound Information Centers
  5. Inbound Complain
  6. Inbound Customer Services
  7. Outsource Agents
  8. Data Entry
  9. Data Cleaning
  10. Report Analysis
  11. Order Taking
  12. Facilities Rental

    Hot Line : 085 1085588


C Logic Cloud Call Center Solution is a call center system for customers who:

  1. Have facility is ready.
  2. Have agents are ready to take calls.
  3. Have knowledge of employee management.
  4. Do not want to invest to buy a call center.
  5. Do not have IT knowledge.
  6. Need to set up a call center ASAP with possibilities of expanding or scaling down.


  1. Installation
  2. Technical training
  3. IT engineers on standby 24 hours for maintenance
  4. Pay monthly fee for maintenance services

    Hot Line : 085 1085588


If customers want to buy a call center system to be installed at the customer's location, CMS can provide the service with the option to give 2 Solutions at the same.

  1. Cisco Unified Contact Center Solutions Support
  • IP Phone
  • ACD / CTI/  IVR / Reporting
  • Inbound/ Outbound/ Blended/ Predictive Dialer/ Email/ Web chat
  • QM/ Voice Recording/ Screen Recording/ WFO/ App Integration

  1. C Logic Support
  • ACD/CTI/IVR/Reporting
  • Voice Recording
  • CRM/ Campaign Managements
  • Inbound
  • Outbound : Predictive/ Preview/ Click To Call
  • Blended Agents

Hot Line : 085 1085588



CMS provides call center rental service, which can be installed on customer's premises and is charged monthly. Considerations for choosing this solution are as follows:

  1. You do not want to buy a system.
  2. You have no ample IT knowledge.
  3. Your location/ facility and staff are ready.
  4. Call center operation processes are ready.
  5. You need a call center system in which you can monitor employees work.
  6. You need a call center that can handle incoming calls at the same time.


  1. Study customer’s call center needs and requirements
  2. Design the system that best fit the customer’s needs
  3. System preparation
  4. Consultation on the preparation of the customer’s premises
  5. System setup
  6. Training
  7. After sales service (there is a system administrator throughout the lease) Pay monthly fee for maintenance

Hot Line : 085 1085588


If you have any of these problems, we may be able to help.

  1. What is the need for a call center system?
  2. Which call center system is suitable for our business?
  3. To purchase a call center system or Outsourcing, which is appropriate for us?
  4. Which Call Center technology is best of value for our money?
  5. Why are Call Centers so inefficient?
  6. Why employees resign frequently?
  7. Why are there so many complain about call centers?
  8. Why employees also lack performance?
  9. What is the best course for us?
  10. Cannot control the cost of Call Center operations, what can we do?
  11. If I want to buy a new call center system, will the new system affect users of the old system?

Hot Line : 085 1085588



  1. IP Phone System
  2. Call Center: ACD, CTI, IVR, Reporting
  1. CRM System, Knowledge Base, Ticketing
  2. Voice Recording System

Our staff is flexible in terms of operations and management. We can successfully meet the needs of customers in terms of management, services, work and technology. CMS has a team of experts. System design and implementation, installation and after sales service are fully integrated.

Hot Line : 085 108 5588

Our staff is flexible in terms of operations and management. We can successfully meet the needs of customers in terms of management, services, work and technology. CMS has a team of experts. System design and implementation, installation and after sales service are fully integrated

 Hot Line : 085 108 5588



Cloud Computing
is a service that encompasses the use of processing power, Storage unit and various online systems from the service provider. To simplify installation, administrators save time and reduce the cost of building a computer system and network itself. They have both free and paid options.

What is Thailand 4.0?

"Thailand 4.0" is the policy vision of Thailand's economic development or the economic development model of the government. Under the leadership of General Prayuth Chan-ocha, Prime Minister and Head of the National Peace Corps, who came to power in a vision of a solid, prosperous and sustainable country with a mission to drive reform. To adjust the direction of the system and create a way to develop the country in which it can cope with new opportunities and threats that changed quickly in the 21st century.

What is the Internet of Things?

IoT: Internet of Things (sometimes called IoE: Internet of Everything) or "Internet in everything" means things being linked to the internet. Man can command to control the use of various devices through the Internet such as the opening - closing equipment, car electronics, mobile phones, communication devices, agricultural tools, building houses, and appliances in daily life.

IoT is also known as M2M. Machine-to-machine is an internet technology that connects devices to various tools.

IoT technology is needed to work with RFID devices and sensors, which is like filling the brain with devices.

In order for the device to communicate with each other, IoT technology has many benefits but it comes with risks because if the security of the device and the internet network is not good enough, it can also be used to steal information or violate our privacy. Therefore, development of IoT requires the development of measures and IT security systems as well.

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When your customer calls for inquiries or even complaints, we are ready to serve you with well trained staff. They are ready for all professional situations, because we at CMS have expertise and experience of over 10 years of guaranteed quality service. Our mission is to be part of our customer’s success and together help each other build a good image. We always treat our customer's customers as one of our own customers and provide customers with the best service. No matter what level of business you are in, we are ready to provide quality service that you best deserve.
Service Mind:


“We understand customer expectations. We create and design the right operating systems to serve as your own customer service centers. We have the confidence and experience to work together with our customers creatively while paying attention to every detail of their needs. All of our staff will adhere to and treat your customers like special people. To help your company achieve its objectives. And increase operational efficiency as well as reduce operating costs. We promise to be your good Business Partner as a partner to drive your business to meet your future needs. "
Mr. Chawakarn Siribunchawan ( Managing Director )